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FEMA Won't Let Camp Residents Communicate With Media

FEMA camps, staffed by private security, are preventing residents who survived Hurricane Katrina from speaking with the media about camp conditions.
Dekotha Devall, whose New Orleans home was destroyed by the storm, was in her FEMA-provided trailer telling [a] reporter of the hardships of life in the camp when a security guard knocked on the door.

"You are not allowed to be here," the guard is quoted as telling the reporter. "Get out right now." The guard reportedly called police to force the journalist to leave the camp, and even prevented the reporter from giving the interview subject a business card. "You will not give her a business card," the guard said. "She’s not allowed to have that."

FEMA residents are, however, allowed to talk to ministers.

FEMA's restrictions have been denounced by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press as illegal and unconstitutional.

Source: Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

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I find it odd.. that people who went to help the refugees living in the camp. In that article.. I saw one picture of what appears to be a refugee.. but there really wasn't muchinformation instead. The writer focused on the guards instead. I find that incredibly odd. Worrisome in fact. Christina.

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