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Fox News Run by Scientologist Leader

What would you say if you found out that a major source of American news is run by a cult leader?

Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox Television Stations, is an OT VIII Scientologist (the highest member level attainable).

In addition to maintaining "fair and balanced" reporting at Fox News, Ailes also has a considerable political history: Ailes served as a media consultant to Bush Senior and Ronald Reagan during their presidencies. He also did work for President Richard M. Nixon, staging events and selecting audiences.

In additon to these achievements, Ailes will also be remembered for persuading Rush Limbaugh to make the jump from radio to television (Ailes, in 1991, served as executive producer of Limbaugh's late-night show).

From an alleged account by an OTVII Scientologist, who talks of his association with Ailes:
There is one level VIII per major facility and 2 in the PAC base. I know them both intimately, as I have spent the majority of the past 3 years under their close supervision. One man is Roger Eugene Ailes, the president of Fox News. The other is Dick Ackerman, representative of California’s 33rd district. I don’t see Roger as often, he’s a very busy man. Dick I’ve spend the most time with.

They believe in what they do. They believe in the evil of it. Every dollar stolen, every schizophrenic child who stabs their mother because they opted for Audits instead of medication. They revel in it. If not for writing this article, I would be on the their path eventually.

They laugh secretly at the beliefs of their followers. They find endless novelty in putting on a mask of zealousness and prancing around in front of all the lower levels, spouting praise for all things Scientology. Then, as quickly as they came, they retreat back to their high floored offices and mansions, and spend their followers money of decadent, useless things.

They’ve spent my money in the past. Up until level VI I had donated almost $400,000 to the cause, and Roger himself thanked me personally for it years ago. Back then, when I was but an idealistic hot shot level IV broker, donating my first $75,000 personally to Mr. Ailes, I could have swore I saw a tear in his eye. Maybe it was, in his vain attempt to hold back crying of laughter. I learned later that every dime of my money went to a trip to Taiwan, to taste in the special brand of young male prostitutes there. Enlightenment through material loss tends to lose its romanticism when you find out it was spent on fucking 14 year old boys.

In the five years of being a level VII, I have since made all of that money back, and then some, through Scientology. I’m not proud of it, I’m not proud of any part of my life dealing with Scientology, but it is a part of my life nonetheless. In my five years of being a level VII, I have almost made myself a millionaire. I will see my son and daughter go to college on that money. I will buy them cars, houses, what ever they need. I refuse to let them or my wife be a part of my madness. I don’t let them near the PAC base anymore.

For more on Ailes, check Wikipedia and SourceWatch.

A Failed Fake by a Failed Faker

Whoever typed up this story -- it doesn't deserve the verb "written" -- doesn't know Scientology, its policies, the correct terms, his news facts, or how carefully donations are watched and monitored. He/she was certainly NEVER a Scientologist, as s/he falsely claims. I'll make sure Mr. Ailes' libel attorneys learn of your other concerns. Apparently, anything and everything in this entire blog is suspect as it has no editor.

I think this story is

I think this story is fake. Peter G. Schizophrenia Disorder

Not very good deception

I don't buy this tale. The writer speaks freely under the safe cover of anonymity (by not giving his name), yet he gives enough detail to be identified several times over. He has one son and one daughter. As a IV he gave $75,000. He is a VII in the PAC (whatever that it). Plus other details. Does anyone think the Scientologists don't keep records? Either he is really dumb and identified himself to the cult, or this is fake.


I found this story in Digg or Reddit some weeks ago. The source is annoymous and probably fake. Would he disclose all that information if it were true? He could be easily identified. On the other hand, isn't scientology membership public? Or at least, is it not possible to know it for a more direct means than an annonymous story?

re: Sources

Hi Nick, The source is indeed anonymous and parts of the story don't ring true (i.e. the author claims that the Scientologists don't mind him putting out the article as long as he doesn't attach his name to it). Parts of the story, however, do ring true, and it makes me wonder if someone high up wrote it in such a fashion that they could convey what they wanted to say without revealing their identity. Whether it's true or not, it's definitely an interesting read... and the Scientologists are certainly one of the most dangerous cults in America (next to Christian fundamentalism).

Digging deeper.

I was sufficiently struck by this story to have written about it on my blog. Please see:

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