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Bush Shown Lying on Video About 9/11

In this video George Bush is shown lying about his experience during September 11th, only 3 months after it happened.

Bush claims to have "watched the first plane hit World Trade Center 1 on television just before he went into the classroom". This is clearly false. Footage of the first plane hitting wasn't shown on television until the next day. As The Screaming Ant, explains:
George Bush was sitting in a classroom in Florida when Andrew Card whispered in his ear that America was under attack. Card told this to Bush just after the 2nd plane hit World Trade Center 2. Yet Bush told the world that he watched the first plane hit World Trade Center 1 on television just before he went into the classroom. He even said he was whisked away into the classroom. There is no room for misunderstanding.

Bush either lied about seeing the 1st plane hit World Trade Center 1, or he actually saw the first plane hit the tower on live television. Which is it?

In event that Bush actually saw the second plane hit on televsion beforehand, why did he continue with the photo-op knowing that America was under attack? Why, if he knew, did he look so unsettled when told by Andy Card? Why does the offical white house version of facts have him not knowing until told by Andy Card?

It doesn't add up. Why hasn't Bush been challenged by the media on this?

Source: The Screaming Ant

Bush's administration

Bush is a dishonest person and is surrounded by a team of dishonest officials from the VP down wards.Through his dishonesty he has caused the death of over 3,000 souls in Iraq.People expects Iraqi to defend their country in a mess that they didn't start

First Plane

The first plane hitting the building was shown on television immediately afterwards because I saw it after I came out of the shower that morning. However, people should not let personal agendas interfere with reality.

Bush & Oil

"G.W." attacked Iraq because of oil... but not for the oil in the ground. In the early eighties, most oil producing countries agreed to be paid in Dollars. Just before we invaded Iraq for the second time, Husein planned to use Euros rather than Dollars for payment, thus threating the Dollar as the world's reserve currency. Without the Dollar being the reserve currency, the U.S. would be in deep, deep doo doo. No more credit inflation. No more armies stationed around the world. No more foreign entanglements. No more imperial power. I wonder if we are going to take out Iran next? Why??? They just opened an oil bourse with payment denominated in guess what... EUROS. -B.E.

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