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Male Fitting Model Wanted

I did a job like this once, a long, long time ago. No one in the office ate lunch but everyone snacked covertly the whole day through.

Fashion - Male Fitting model required

We are looking for someone who can be our standard size in a line of male corsets. The approximate measurements we require are:

Chest = 38 inches
waist = 31 inches
hip = 33.5 inches (measured about 5 inches below the waist)

These measurements are approximate. If you are somewhat in this range and consider yourself to have a well-proportioned body, we encourage you to apply.

Basically you will be required to act as a living dressform. As new patterns are drafted we need someone to do the fittings to ensure that the style is correct and fits well. This involves a few fittings per style.

Hopefully you are also able to model the corsets for photographs - for marketing purposes only. We are a legitimate and professional company. No nudity will be requested of you. May not require your face either. ...

We are located in Coquitlam. You are expected to have reliable transportation and be on-time for fitting appointments.

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