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Vern Robinson: To Laugh or Cry?

Finally, Americans in North Carolina can safely stop turning to television and radio entertainment programming for comedy. Why? Vernon Robinson, for starters. Only, I hope you like your comedy black.

Vernon is running for congress. He knows that people no longer believe what they see and hear on tv and radio news. He knows that they feel somewhat lost - abandoned, even. He knows that your average Jill and Joe want to be respected, and considered at least somewhat powerful and important.

But how to make them feel this way when they are being robbed - of the very planet they live on - and their children sent off to die for short term corporate profits?

Vern listens to the Big Guns: his role models and mentors, his leaders.

Vern uses Shock and Awe when campaigning for a seat in congress. He batters illegal aliens and homosexuals. He implies that they are the ones stealing the resources from average Americans, through "welfare," "free health care, free lawyers, free public education, even free school lunches."

It is amazing - sobering, chilling - that while Adbusters cannot get an anti-consumerism commercial onto television, this wannabe political ruler can run these parodies of right wing extremism, outside the context of comedy, bordering on hate.

Vern Robinson's radio ad (transcript below)
Vern Robinson's TV ad

Radio commercial transcript:

Announcer: This ad was paid for by Air Force Academy graduate Vernon Robinson.

Every night, 7,000 aliens rush into our country illegally and your ultra-liberal congressman, Brad Miller, refuses to guard the border. Instead of deporting them, he votes for amnesty and throws them a party with your tax dollars. (Mariachi band music starts playing in the background)

Brad Miller gives these aliens welfare, drivers licenses, Social Security, free health care, free lawyers, free public education, even free school lunches. These aliens pay no income tax and pay their money back to Mexico. Then, they take to the streets, waving the Mexican flag and demanding more. Unbelievably, Brad Miller voted to allow these illegals to burn the American flag while waving the Mexican flag.

Brad Miller supports gay marriage and sponsored a bill to allow American homosexuals to bring their foreign homosexual lovers to this country on a marriage visa. (assorted noises of shocked people gasping plays in the background)

If Miller had his way, America would be nothing but one big fiesta for illegal aliens and homosexuals. (Mariachi band music starts playing in the background again), but if you elect Vernon Robinson, that party is over.

Robinson: I'm Vernon Robinson and I approve this message because Brad Miller is out of touch and soon, he'll be out of Congress.


More Vern Robinson: (you gotta sit through a commercial - if you haven't switched to Firefox yet, do it now, and let the ad play in a hidden tab.)

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