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JavaScrypt: Javascript-Based Encryption

Encryption is, to some, a fascinating thing. To others it is like flossing (in da oral hygiene sense).

It is, at any rate, a necessary thing as the state works to consolidate control over internet service providers and passes "anti-terrorism" laws that help it spy on its citizens.

A handy little browser-based application called JavaScrypt allows you to use your browser to encrypt blocks of text.

Why is this useful? It allows easy use of fairly strong (256 bit AES) encryption without installation of software. By encrypting information this way, then storing the encrypted information on the internet, one can be assured that sensitive information is fairly secure, being both encrypted and obscured (if your browser's cache is cleared, a search of one's computer will find no encrypted data or encryption applications).

As the application is written in Javascript, the code can be easily audited. The application runs in the browser so the information to be encrypted doesn't need to flow unencrypted through the internet. In addition, the Javascript code is available bundled for an easy download so the application doesn't have to be loaded from their site. Public-key encryption is, alas, currently not supported.

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