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Whiteboards Ahoy

Mike here... Yesterday, after working out, I went to an office supplies store. Still "high on health" and caked with filth, I bought a big whiteboard and some markers.

The whiteboard now hangs on my wall. While it is big, it is not fancy. It does not have the fake gold trim that a lot of rap musicians favour when they write their "rhymes" on the board's polished white surface. It has a simple aluminum surface, with clip-on trays for markers and erasers.

Having obsessive compulsive tendencies, my focus is like a drill. When I focus on a problem I really get "in there", but after making some progress I have to remember to pull back and remember what I was "drilling" for in the first place.

So I am hoping that the whiteboard is going to help keep my focus high-level. In its glossy sheen, I hope to see the future. At the least, I see a whiteboard on my bedroom wall. It appeals to my lifelong affection for office supplies.

Also, it is interesting to note that when you Google the phrase "whiteboards rock" you only get a page of results, and only one item seems to reflect a pure sentiment.

FrogStyle Youth: Put down the gun. Pick up the dry-erase marker. You don't have to be a rap musician to improve your life with a whiteboard.


I don need no whiteboard, Mike. Whiteboardz 4 pussies! I got my 45. Fuck tha whiteboard! I write my rhymes in blood on da street!

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