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Gluttons for Punishment: Next Stop, Iran

Iraq had WMD, Iran has nukes.

Iraq was linked to Al-Quaida, Iran is arming the Iraq insurgency.

Iraq would welcome US troops, Iran's youth "would welcome your troops with flowers".

The Bush administration is selling war with Iran with the same snake oil narrative they used to sell war with Iraq.

Time and time again we've been shown that there really is no limit to the insanity of the Bush administration, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Bush's insane clown posse wants to invade Iran. But still, somehow, it is hard to believe.

Having stretched the US military to its breaking point and kneecapped the long-term economic interests of the US with a massive debt, Bush's crew still doesn't feel it has done enough damage to America.

There's an editorial on Raw Story that makes some interesting observations about Bush, comparing him to Emperor Hirohito, who led Japan to defeat in World War II:

[Bush is] America's Hirohito. Until 1946, Hirohito was believed to be a God...and treated accordingly. As a God, he was exempt from suffering. Tokyo would burn and Nagasaki would smolder, but Hirohito spent the war in silk. His exemption from suffering was not a ubiquitous aspect of power in the 1940s. Even Tojo, the Japanese Prime Minister during WWII, was a veteran. And FDR's sons all served.

But Bush, like Hirohito, was exempted from war. And like Hirohito, he has an anachronistic notion of leadership. Hirohito believed that his authority was divine. As an alleged descendent of the Sun Goddess, Hirohito was born to lead. As a descendent of George, Sr., GW also believes that he was born to lead, but like Hirohito, he carries no credentials other than lineage. Both rose by dint of monarchy rather than meritocracy. Bush wouldn't stand before the spotlights if he weren't a Bush (His social equivalent is the equally vacuous Paris Hilton, but that's another analogy.).

Bush, and his poodle Blair, both believe they are divinely guided. No matter how much havoc they wreak, they will not stop of their own accord.

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