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America's "Quailtards": Islamist Training Camps in Rural America?

A blogger, whose writes under the name Baron Bodissey, is doing an independent investigation into alleged Islamist compounds and training camps in rural Virginia. He is investigating the Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a militant Islamist organization originating in Pakistan.

His account is interesting, but what he and many of his ilk miss is the big picture. They seem to be under the impression that the compounds are not known to authorities. This, however, is doubtful. Roads in the area are, for example, named after Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, the founder of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, on public maps. The compounds have signs in arabic and guardhouses so, in Islamophobic America, they are obvious targets for investigation. It is highly doubtful that these compounds, which are known to locals, would not have been, at one time, reported to authorities.

So if these compounds have terrorist links and are known, why are they allowed to exist? Why doesn't the state simply pull some legal means out of its hat to make life difficult for these folks?

The state does not attempt to disrupt the compounds because the state needs potential terrorism.

Like Cheney raising "quailtards" to give himself an easy hunt, the state likes to keep a reserve of potential terror on hand when it needs to play hero in the press or when it needs an act of terror to justify increasing its own power.

The state allowing, or even perpetuating terrorism, is nothing new. It is an age old, established tactic. It is a routine part of how state entities maintain power because it is the most economical way to gain support for the state. Allowing terrorism to happen carries none of the risk of a false flag operation and costs nothing, but the benefit to the state is dramatically increased support. People are naturally suspicious of state powers unless they are afraid of something they imagine to be worse.

Baron's blog, incidentally, features a United States Central Command logo. CENTCOM is the command center of east asian conflict and, in addition to continuing to plant false news stories in Iraq, it is currently engaged in reigning in the blogosphere by dealing with it in the same way they deal with mainstream media outets. CENTCOM's agents will contact bloggers to "correct" their stories or, if they are "good" bloggers, offering them exclusive content to report on. After contacting bloggers and appealing to their patriotism (or fear of state reprisal), they then ask for a link to CENTCOM propaganda. CENTCOM no doubt hopes that by getting enough bloggers to link to them they can eventually increase their Google ranking and drown out legitimate news sources.

Get a life

This compounds have no terror links, I mean the way some people think anything that is related to a certain religion is under some scrutany, look how many mormons are poligamists and live in compounds in Utah or other christian militas in the midwest no one is paying any attention to them even if they commit crimes on weekly basis, but Islam bashing is in so anything Islamic is demonised give me a break and get a life, America kills more people directly and indirectly every year than any other country in the world and that is a fact the terrorist have killed some people but it cannot compare to misery thats being seeded around the globe by USA

re: Get a life

Whether these compounds have terror links or not (notice that I use in the article the word "alleged"), the main point of my article is that it is in the interest of the state to allow terrorist infrastructure to exist and that this point seems to elude many "patriot" bloggers.

America's "Quailtards": Islamist Training Camps in Rural America

I don't disagree that this administration needs some bad guys to rail against. I'm just not sure they would use that as a reason to not pick someone up. Thanks to their inept policies, they have plenty of enemies, real and imagined. I think either incompetence or laziness is the reason they haven't gone after the compounds. Maybe next week, after the vacation they might fit it in.

re: America's "Quailtards"

You do have a point... a lot of nefariousness can be chalked down to incompentance (as [url=""]this account[/url] of the DHS headquarter's lack of security shows nicely).

all terist

spelling not good so is harmfull leagsof afrog

re: all terist


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