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FrogStyle Labs: Poor Man's Dolly Shot

Okay. You are making the first episode of Forest Guys, a show about some friends that "spend time" together in the forest, but you run into the problem.

There is a scene where a character that has gotten conceited (because he found a Walkman) is hanging out by a stream. He is on a dock near the stream thinking of the conflict in nature between virtue and survival. He gets this notion that he wants the camera to smoothly glide up behind him in a dolly shot because he saw a dolly shot in a documentary about the making of The Littlest Hoboes.

You tell these guy that the budget does not accord this shot, but he is petulent. You need to do the dolly shot! What can you do?

FrogStyle Labs has found a solution 4 you. What you need is one of those wheelchairs what has poles on it. Then you need an Ultrapod, what you can get for around $20. An Ultrapod is special because it has a velcro strap that you can use to strap it to you arm, so you can be imposing. As the pictures show, to do the dolly shot you mount your camera on the Ultrapod then strap it to a pole on the wheelchair. Then you just hit record and push around the chair! FrogStyle Labs: Thinkin' And Drinkin'.

wheelchair cam

this would be perfect for doing a live video shoot at tard's cd release gig

re: wheelchair cam

Hehehe... word 2 dat. ;)

wheelchair cam

or strap the ultrapod to one of jack's crutches on his crank bike! you get the dolly shot + extra pathos!

re: wheelchair cam


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