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Digital Potlucks: A Time For Frands

Last weekend, we at FrogStyle inwestigated a "digital potluck" of media-lovin' critters.

It is a fine concept: social computing with smart folks, pirating like troubled animals, sharing that edutaining media.

The folks hosting the gathering balanced the yin of geekery with the yang of DJs and refreshments! When the party people started filtering in, those of us who had been immersed in digital crack transitioned into fun meatspace timez!

It reminded me of YouthTimes when I would bring a dismembered Commodore 64 and a big vinyl suitcase filled with 8 1/2" floppy disks to a community hall for a "user group meeting"!!!

Digital potlucks: organize them up!!!

Click those photos to make them bigger.


yay 4 fun meatspace. honored to be covered in frogstyle.



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