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Orikaso Folding Plates, Cups and Bowls

Orikaso makes things to eat and drink from that, when not in use, can be unfolded into flat pieces of plastic. This is useful for campings, to conserve space in your sack, or if you want to keep secret things to eat from (that you hide between books on your bookshelf). Snaps are used to keep the things from unfolding while being used.

Their "dish" is particularly versatile. It can be used as a dish, bowl, cutting board, strainer, or even to make some coffee in the morning timez!!!

Their instructions page shows step-by-step photos of exactly how to fold and use each of their products.

As OhGizmo points out, Orikaso products are made from recycled materials and leftovers from manufacturing are recycled. Their products are made from polypropylene, a Greenpeace-endorsed alternative to PVC.

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