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Pearly Kings and Queens

Pearly kings and queens are some guys what sew buttons on their clothes. My friend Ifny, who's grandfather was a Rag and Bone man, turned me on to these fine, crafty individuals.

Here's a collection of links to "garbage" and "street" culture, from the olden times. I'll let Ifny tell it, cause she has such a way with words:
turns out the bones in question were for making glue. mmm glue.

which led me to the karang guni Karang_guni

(reminds me of japanese junk buyers "rajiokaseto, shee-dee, terebi"
blasting out of little tonka toy trucks in the am)

and the costermongers came up

and the pearly kings & queens

and i ended up with (this pic) misty eyeds.

secret london


secret london

i think secret london is a fantastic subject.

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