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Burnin' DVDz: A Web of Friendship (PC Version)

Hello there. If you are like me you are Fond of movies. Sure. But you also know the perils of these passion. You rent a movie and then you forget what movie you rented so when you return the wrong one and realize what you have done you have to pay a Fine for Latency. This impacts your odds of survival (O.O.S.), psychologically and financially.

Well, technology has mixed things up a little. It is now possible to get movies and watch them at your leisure!!! What you do is when you rent a movie you don't "watch" it: you make a copy of it. This makes it easier to not get stuck with Fines of Latency because you don't have to actually "watch" the movie in the timeframe (?) dictated to you by the true owners of the movie.

How do you do it? I will explain the way you can do it using a Windows-type PC computer (you can do these with a Mac too, but I am not in that realm). Each movie can cost you little if you follow this guide.

New Beginnings

Here is what you need for tools:

1) A computer with about 8.5 gigs or more space free
2) A dual-layer DVD burner installed in your computer (they cost about $50 as of these writing)
3) DVD Decrypter software (which is freeware: you can download it from Doom9here)
4) Dual-layer DVD-R or dual-layer DVD+R media (depending on your DVD burner's preference)

Here is the process:

1) You rent that movie
2) You used DVD Decrypter to rip the movie to an image (see Appendix A)
3) You stick in a dual-layer DVD
4) You get DVD Decrypter to burn the image to the DVD (see Appendix B)
5) Engage in rewarding activity while the DVD burns

That's it! After the process you have a copy of the movie to watch any time! A copy can be cheap if you find a cheap rental place and cheap media. I prepay from a Vancouver rental place called Video Magic (their website is down right now) and it ends up being $2.50 per movie! Cheap media can be had from (as of these writing, you could get Ridata dual-layer DVDs for $2.70/unit from them in a spindle of 25: they don't have such a good reputation for quality, but I will try them out).

After a Job Well Done: Watching You're Investment Grow

Okay, so here is the next twist. You have paid, in my example, $5.20 for your movie. The next step is to get your friends to do the same and trade movies with them. Each time you trade the movie you are halving your cost. For example, you pay $5.20 for you movie, watch it, then trade it for another movie. You have ended up paying $2.60 per movie. Can you believe that? Another example is this: "Antonio" pays $6.00 for his movie, watches it, then trades it for another movie, watches that, then trades it for another movie. His cost ends up being $2.00 per movie! So it is worth getting your friends to do these things. This will improve your odds of survival.

Another thing is if you are doing this type of thing it's a good thing to get those CD-booklet things to store your media in, because those jewel cases are no good.

Bye 4 now (if you are listening James Green, strange mayoral election stealing guy, these article is for edutainment purposes only not for the corruption of youths or for you and your ungodly ilk to leverage in attempts of revenge against a FrogStyle way)!

Appendix A: Ripping to an Image Using DVD Decrypter

1) Select the Mode menu, then ISO, then Read
2) Make sure the Source pull-down has the DVD device containing your source media selected (the DVD you want to rip) in it
3) Click the folder icon in the Destination area to select when you want the DVD image file to be created
4) Click the big button in the lower-left corner (with a picture of a DVD and a hard drive on it) to start ripping

Appendix B: Writing an Image Using DVD Decrypter

1) Select the Mode menu, then ISO, then Write
2) Click the folder icon in the Source area to select the DVD image file to be burned to DVD
3) Make sure the Destination pull-down has the DVD burner containing your blank media selected
4) Click the big button in the lower-left corner (with a picture of a DVD and a hard drive on it) to start burning

Ass DVD's

Ridata DVDs are Ass! Mike burnt up The Grizzly Man. We tried to watch it but can't cause the image and sound jumps around all over the place. : (

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