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Well, I know that some of u r now calling me a fraud. I said I would rite about Crow Moving, after Mike and I hired them for our December 15th to January 7th move and I haven't yet.

Well, let me tell u that we didn't hire Crow Moving. Mike was disappointed. So was I, but they were just too expensive. They had a minimum charge and a travelling charge, which added up to $80 for two hours. Unfortunately, my one room apartment did not have that much stuff in it, and we were only moving it about five blocks. Mike's one bedroom apartment might have taken two hours to move if we had moved it all at once, but we didn't. Mike took some of his stuff to our new place by taxi, previous to the main move, and will take more by taxi before January 15th when he has to be out for good. In this way, Mike reasons, correctly, moving is not so painful. We used *****EASY AROUND MOVING SERVICES - BEST RATES - 24/7 PIC****** ( ) instead.

Manel, from *****EASY AROUND MOVING SERVICES - BEST RATES - 24/7 PIC******, charged us $35/hour to the half hour with no travel charges. Manel was down-to-earth and mature on the phone and in person so we paid him for the two hours anyway (which you should do too, when you hire him).

His truck may be plain white, unlike the Crow Moving truck what has classy, hand-painted crow logoes and decorations on it, but the *****EASY AROUND MOVING SERVICES - BEST RATES - 24/7 PIC****** truck has a pull out ramp underneath the back door and several dollies and lots of blankets for protecting your stuff. I asked Manel if moving people is "how he is living" and how he wants to continue to be living. Manel is from Spain. He said that he may start a furniture and household items consignment business, and that he used to sell antiques on Ebay, which explains why he is so good at putting blankets between your stuff in the back of the truck and being careful not to hit it on doorways or in narrow hallways.

If you want to hire Manel, call (604)728-8941 or (604)266-1247 in Vancouver, BC, or visit his Craigs' List posting: He will take things to Victoria, Whistler and other places as well.

*****EASY AROUND MOVING SERVICES - BEST RATES - 24/7 PIC******: if I had 110 thumbs, I would give them 110%, out of 100.

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