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Animal Slaves Cannot Vote

These English dogs are used for going in where the humans are scared. They have the cameras strapped to their heads so the humans can see what's going on without risking their own lives. So the animals, like the ones with guns, risk their lives, but they cannot vote.

When you look for a new place to live you quickly find the discrimination against the animals. "No Pets" they say, which is a euphemism for "no animals". And this is 2005.

The cameras for the dogs even see in the dark. Imagine the fear of an animal, looking ridiculous, going into a stranger's home, completely embarassed. And the deployers save money because when a dog is shot noone will sue for compensation due to negligence.

Source: BBC News

injustice is running too deep

Who says might isn't right? : (


That hat TOTALLY doesn't work. The cyberpunk look died with Billy Idol's career. You would think that, with the English reputation and all (Elton?), they'd make the dog's gear just a little more "man". *sigh*

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