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An anonymous source relayed these telling photographs exposing the infiltration of a squirrel, known by some as "Finnegan", into a litter of puppies. The squirrel's handler, Debby Cantlon, was able to provide "Finnegan" with a key relationship. Cantlon introduced the squirrel to a pregnant dog named Mademoiselle Giselle who, after a brief period, came to have complete trust in "Finnegan".

Indeed, after giving birth Giselle encouraged the squirrel to suckle her amongst her pups. The squirrel allegedly quckly became comfortable with this lifestyle, often napping after feeding.

The undoctored photos below show Cantlon's introduction of "Finnegan" to Giselle:


Hella cute!

Yah, Hella!

It's not right

It's not right for the spicies to mix like these. What will it be next? The lion lays with the lamb?

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