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Mike commented on the proliferation, and acceptance, of white collar crime in his article on James Green. I referenced it in my article on the raises the MLA's want to give themselves and the sorry excuse for a legal system that backs up theirs, and anyone else who's willing to play the if-I-don't-do-it,-someone-else-will game of theft from honest, though niave people.

Well, it seems that Hollywood may soon change all that:
"According to a very high-level source close to the case, the first round of indictments will be issued this week or next and will focus on the Tinseltown attorneys who allegedly hired (Private Investigator) Pellicano to secretly bug and wiretap their clients' enemies and courtroom adversaries. Another source � a witness who testified in front of the grand jury � says that the FBI contacted him over the weekend about the case and told him to "expect indictments to come down very soon."

Moreover, the Pellicano indictees have been informed that, unlike most defendants charged with white collar crimes, they will not have the opportunity to discreetly turn themselves in, we're told. Instead, to guarantee maximum media impact, they will be arrested at their homes, offices, or favored power lunch spots and led away in cuffs in full view of their peers and the press. "They're planning to do a series of takedown arrests to keep this firmly in public view," says our source. "They want to show they mean serious business."

In addition to performing work for lawyers, like legendary entertainment attorney Bert Fields, Pellicano serviced such industry heavyweights as Tom Cruise, Michael Ovitz, and Arnold Schwarzenegger."


How is this going to change the relative freedom we all enjoy to pursue white collar crime? Because honest people, no matter how much we deny or fight it, take our cues from the media, commercial or otherwise. As a friend used to say, "Repetition, repetition, repetition." Tell someone they are good often enough and they will improve; tell them they are bad, they will worsen. When white collar crime is prosecuted in our beloved mental and emotional candyland, we will copy. Yah!

Well, I will start off

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