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Gettin' Old

Getting old is a crappy thing. I do not like it. Well, I like getting smart and knowledgeable about the way people screw each other, steal and make up stories. Stories what are really lies what we consent to believe unless we stop liking the person. Then the tales or confusion or good intentions become lies. If it goes on, they don't become our friends anymore and are enemies.

But I do not like to lose my physical strength and staminas. I do not like to have a runny nose all the time. And I don't like hairs growing out of my neck, stomach and... special lady parts. I don't like having flabby... special lady parts... and a flabby stomach. (Having a flabby stomach is not so much from getting old as from having a desk job. The fleshes would still be falling down off my nomenculture, but they wouldn't be pooling around my waist so much if I wasn't sitting all the time. Maybe it would collect around my ankles - it'd be like having flesh leg warmers! - with some of it being trapped at my thighs.)

I hate ruining my voice cause I yelled too loud and now it cracks instead of going up, up, up and louder, louder, louder, smoothly. I don't like feeling pain when I get out of bed and losing my sense of smell and taste. I do not like being dry 24 hours a day no matter how many non-alcoholic drinks I drink down. I do not like having to pee all the time. To be continued.

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