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50 Horror Classics

I am not one who subscribes to the current madness many people have of purchasing their own DVD libraries. The evidence is everywhere one need only open any paper and find it littered with flyers from Best Buy, Future shop, A&B sound or just about any other major chain you can think of. They all have the same bunch of DVD's for sale "Modern Classics" Spider Man, Con Air, Jumanji, and Bridge over the River Kwai, Pretty Woman and Fist Full of dollars. It's a perfect little collection of movies selected by our corporate overlords to represent all demographics of our society. Now there may be slight variations upon this such as The Incredible Hulk, Days of Thunder, The Little Mermaid, The Great Escape, and Dirty Harry Magnum Force. These are all great flicks however; I don't believe we are in any danger of having them disappear any time soon. One need only turn on TBS to see them.

It's not like the craving any true film aficionado has for movies like Straw Dogs, one of Dustin Hoffman's lesser known films and originally banned in Britain, a true everyman story with its thick tension that slowly builds to a screaming climax of rape and a pile of dead bodies. They haven't seemed to offer any of the Harmony Korine classics, Kids with its scrutiny of urban youth, sexuality, and H.I.V. Or Gummo his existentialist observation of life in the American Mid-west, cast with a few exceptions entirely of locals. Enough rambling, the point is these movies being offered up are unworthy of my precious beer tickets and truly make for a sad and ordinary collection of cinema.

However there is a new collection being offered that is truly a worthwhile purchase. 50 horror classics for $19.95, this unbelievable deal is advertised on T.V and can also be found at, it offers such great titles as the original night of the living dead, which is certainly worth 19.95 on its own, but also, yes kids here are few, Giant swamp Zombie Leaches, Swamp Zombie sex robots, Zombie VS Vampire, Limb Locker Fiends, Blood sucking Ultra Vixens from Hell, Dirty Hillbilly Grave Robbers, Your Mom, Freaky Blood Sucking Goats, Sabbath of the Corn freaks, House of Rancor, House of blood, House of death, Monster House, Zombie Mutants from outer space, Outer Space mutants, Space Vampires from Mars, Ghouls of the night, Cadaver eating ghouls, Ghouls VS Mutants.

The titles alone should entice at least your curiosity, but think about it, what these classics lack in say cinematic excellence they surely make up for in the hoke factor and pure creative expression. So splurge! So few things in life offer so much for so little in return. Who knows you may even be inspired to get all your friends together and add your own classic to the archive of history.

-By Brent Morley


What the hell are you talking about, those aren't the titles.

What the hell are you

What the hell are you talking about, those aren't the titles.



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