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Peer-To-Peer Microlending

A woman who'd spent years in Africa doing aid work, before retreating from the violence and corruption, once told me that "microlending is the ONLY thing that works". Until now, there has been no way for individuals to directly participate in microlending.

Founded in March, Kiva is an organization (currently in the process of incorporation) that is working to allow individuals to do just that. Their website will soon allow anyone to choose a business they'd like to support and provide them with a loan using a credit card. Interest from the loans is used to cover Kiva's operating costs (if loaning via Kiva paid interest to the loaner, Kiva would face SEC regulation). Anyone providing a loan via Kiva will get an email update each month on the progress of the business.

In order to insure the integrity of their parner organizations, Kiva works with the Village Enterprise Fund, an organization that has done economic development work since 1987. Kiva currently is not accepting loans, but hopes to start soon.

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