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Gold Teeth USA!

Have you ever wanted to have gold teeth? If you are like me the answer is "yes" and now there is a place you can get them on the internet. If you go to Gold Teeth USA they will sell to you "removable caps" that are gold and "mold kits" that you can use to make them fit well.

"Removable Caps"

You may be asking what are "removable caps"? The answer is said very well by the web site of Gold Teeth USA so I will not write something new:

Removable caps are highly fashionable product that we began marketing over 15 years ago, but have been in style for the past 35 hundred years worn by the rich kings and queens. These are the actual caps that will fit in over your existing teeth, both front and back. They are flexible to use and you have the advantage to either leave them on or remove them as you please.

You don't have to always have gold teeth with these caps. You can take them out at night, just like any other piece of jewelry. And dental hygene is still important!

"Mold Kits"

Also, you may be asking what are "mold kits"? Well, the mold kits help you make a mold of your teeth that the professionals at Gold Teeth USA will use to make your "removable caps" fit well. Without using a mold your teeth would not fit well, which they state on the web site:

Each gold tooth is made to fit your teeth individually to the shape of your teeth. They are not one size fits all product that looks fake. Our caps are guaranteed to fit your teeth like a glove.

To see the proces of making a mold of your teeth you can downloaded this instructional video (11:34, 2.5 megs) on how to make the mold. To be honest I was intimidated by this video. It seemed like a very difficult process to me when I was watching. But I was impressed by the knowledge they seem to have about the molding way, and the fact that they encourage you to use all three molds what they send so that you can mail all molds to them and they can pick the mold that is best. To me, that is what an expert would do, and that gave me some confidence. Nonetheless, if it were up to me I would get a dentist to make the mold which is another way to get a good mold although it would probably cost you more money.

Self Esteem

You can spend a lot of money on removable caps easily $1000, but what is the value of your self esteem? If you do not have a good self esteem you could get involved in bullying, violence, or criminal activities. It pays to be at your very best!

Kinds of Gold

You can order teeth made of different kinds of gold from Gold Teeth USA. There are many kinds, but if you are a smoker you should get 18kt or even better 22kt. Smoking will make some gold get tarnished easy, which is why you need to pay attention. If you are really worried about tarnishing you could also get 14k or 18k white gold or even platinum which is "recommended by all the dentists".


You can order caps in many designs. You can get single caps or clusters of up to 10 caps. There are so many designs that I can not even give a good impression by telling you about them so you should go to the site to see them all!

They have been in the business of selling removable caps since 1987. If you are still doubting that they are professionals do not ask me, ask Rakim who will tell you in this video that Gold Teeth USA are the experts in the field!


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permanent gold crowns

Please be careful with these removalble gold crowns. I work in a dental lab where we make 22k gold permanent crowns put in by a professional dentist. These jewelers don't tell you they are using 10k and 14k gold and they are doing permanent damage to many of our young men. 10k gold is too hard for the jaw bone and will push your teeth up into your jaw. At my lab we do everything from solids, open faces, invisible set diamonds and just about any other diamond setting you can imagine. We use the highest quality gold and diamonds and cost the same or less than the jewelers. You wouldn't go to plumber for your heart so why go to a jeweler for your teeth.

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