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Massive Change = Massive Fraud!

Phillip Morris, who "generously" sponsored Bruce Mau's Massive Change project, began operating under another name, Altria Group, after the big anti tobacco hoopla. Altria is the biggest supporter of the Bush administration:

Under the Altria Group is the Philip Morris Capital Corporation:

"The company's portfolio consists of leveraged and direct finance lease investments and other tax-oriented and third party financings. The portfolio of assets generate substantial operating companies income, cash flow and tax deferral for Altria.

...Over the years, the company has built a diversified portfolio of assets by providing the equity portion of lease financing of domestic and international assets such as aircraft, manufacturing facilities, power generation assets and real estate...."

That's about all the info I could find about the Capital Corporations' investments. Anyone wanna take a guess about what kind of aircraft, manufacturing, power generation and real estate they finance?!

Soooo, some altruistic and/or myopic, well off do-gooder pays Bruce Mau Design $12,000+ for the privilege of taking part in the Massive Change/Institute Without Boundaries project, incidentally, "organized and commissioned by the Vancouver Art Gallery:"

"What if we could do anything?

What if the questions surrounding design turned out to be the big questions?

What if life itself became a design project?

What if, as Arnold Toynbee once suggested, we were committed to an audacious, altruistic global project that imagined “the welfare of the whole human race as a practical objective”?

What if design turned out to be that project?

What if we succeeded?"

And they design, say, a bicycle carrier to take sick or wounded people to the hospital, for third world countries (this is what a lot of pieces in the exhibit were like), but the money supporting their development efforts comes from.... killing and making people sick!

Massive Change = Massive Fraud!


Change is actually the escape goat of companies who do not want to be liable to their employees. This is not actually for the benefit of the employees and to all connected to it but for their own! Its sad that they can easily decieve people this way.

Massive Change

This is so typical of members of the design community who intellectualise their approach to design seemingly deliberately to attract public and corporate funding rather than running a viable and productive design enterprise,of which they are probably incapable.This is just a massive marketing con which has obviously worked superbly for Bruce Mau.

thanks, Peter

very well put!

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