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Falun Gong Demonstrate Torture

On Saturday, August 30, the Falun Gong performed live simulations of Chinese torture techniques in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Techniques illustrated were hanging by the wrists, confinement, and feeding torture.

According to an Amnesty International report, the Chinese government has likely imprisoned thousands of practicioners. The Falung Gong alleges that over 1600 have been tortured to death, hundreds of thousands detained, and more than 100,000 sent to labour camps.

The Falun Gong seems to be a benign, positive bunch, kind of like Asian hippies. FrogStyle happened upon a free CD by them once and we were touched by their song. There are those, however, who point out cultish aspects of the movement and allege that the Falun Gong's spiritual leader is homophobic.

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