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Using Open Source Software to Police the Police

The police guys of Vancouver are not always nice. A few years ago there were a lot of ladies what were disappearing, over 50, and they did no thing, only changed the guy who was Chief Police. Then the new chief started a crackdown on drugs in Vancouver's poorest area and, as a result, the drugs merely moved to more affluent areas.

As a result of using unlawful tactics during the drug crackdown, some police seemed to get used to bullying. In the last couple years a number of Friends of FrogStyle have been assaulted or unjustly arrested by the VPD. What we don't like!

As a reaction to the growing problem of bad behaviour by the VPD, the Work Less Party has launched, a web site that allows Vancouverites to submit incidents of cops behaving badly. These incidents are then, after approval, available for viewing on the site.

An interview with one of the creators outlines future plans to open source the software behind the site.

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